Weingut Müller

The vintner duo Walter and Stefan Müller press fitness-rich white wines and complex red wines. The Klöcher Traminer form the top of the quality pyramid. They combine strength and elegance and pleasure in great national and international recognition.

Steep slopes, pointing to the south, red, fertile soil, mineral-rich basalt. On defunct volcanoes the big Klöcher layers Hochwarth and Seindl emerged. On them the grapes of Müller wines mature to the uppermost goodness. They are the foundation of creativity and spark passion and creativity for vintner craft.

Monday to Saturday from 9-12 o’clock and from 13-18 o’clock; Sunday from 9-12 o’clock.
Klöch 518493Klöch+43 3475 7160weingut-mueller.at
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