Hiking and Running through the woods along the river Mur close to the 4 star hotel in Radkersburg

Near your room in Southern Styria you can find the natural wetland meadows with alder, pastures and elms. One special feature are the snowdrops, which cover the wetland meadows in February and the wild garlic, which distributes a smell of garlic. Because of the connectivity of a wide range of different biotopes in the area of the Murauen, one can find many animal groups. Especially different kinds of birds, for example the kingfisher and the black stork. The Murauen play an important role as a resting station and a place to sleep for many different birds which are on their journey southwards, for example the cormorant, this bird comes back every year in winter.

The Water way in Radkersburg

This way you will get to know one of the most important givers of live. Your room in Radkersburg is the ideal starting point for a city tour, it invites you to fill up your energylevels. On the 18 km long circular path you see the beauty of the river, resting waters and mineral water springs in the environment.

Klöcher Traminerweg

Our hotel in Bad Radkersburg invites you to learn more about the variety of the country, the wine and the culture. The road is easy to overview but worth it to take the time. The 13,5 km long hiking way leads you past many delicious treats, which shouldn’t just get passed. Your relaxing room in Radkersburg finishes the real experiences.

Wine way of Senses – St. Anna/Aigen

Also close to our wellness hotel in the South-East of Styria, you will find the Wine way of Senses in St. Anna/Aigen. The different adventure points capture all the senses of the hiker in harmony with nature, culinary, music and the people in the region. The road leads through geological different grounds to a sea-level of 600 meters. The view reaches to Hungary and Slovenia!

Kaskögerlweg in Poppendorf

The Kaskögerlweg leads to a circulate road with 11 km through the landscape of the Styrian Vulkanland. Information boards on many stations tells the visitor the evolution of the region, the variety of the culture landscape and the roots of the village nearer. Trough magic telescopes you can look back at millions of years. Across refining bars and bridges you can go above sumps and volcanoes. Other views and comfortable restaurants and Buschenschenken invite you to lay back and enjoy.

Antenne Flusslandschaft

A clear recommendation from the Hotel Teschl to round up your holidays in Radkersburg. The “Antenne Flusslandschaft” is the external facility of the regional museum Bad Radkersburg. The antennas should show the interdependencies between the people, their life and culture room and the environment in a historic and contemporary perspective.
At the center of the „Antenne Flusslandschaft“ lies the river Mur. The Mur is for centuries a central living nerve for the lower Murtal, it characterizes the landscape of the area and builds the base for the agricultural development of these region.

The untamed Mur formed the landscape, the landscape formed the people and their culture. People cultivate and use the landscape and tried to tame the Mur. Today, the Mur is no danger to the people anymore. It rather offers a worthy adventure room in the Au landscape and a room to recover.

More suggestions for hiking, see here.

Around the 4 star hotel Toscanina Bad Radkersburg you can find numerous signposted, perennial walkable running trails in different severities:

Water run

8,7 km: The enjoyable track
→ to the track

Villages running

13,8 km: The track for hobby runner
→ to the track

Desert run

21,1 km: The “hot” challenge
→ to the track

Why Desert run? The name desert run originated from the fact that our routes are for the most part in the sun and so it is a “hot challenge” for the runner. The heat can also bring the air on the asphalt to shimmer and already some runner appeared the Fata Morgana of the great, local Buschenschänke, Restaurants or the “Blue.Wonder.” of the hot thermal SPA Bad Radkersburg. And the great supporting program at Wüsten.Fest with belly dancers, snake show and camel riding brings besides the desert conquerors also non runners tidy to transpiring.

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