Relaxation in the sauna world of our wellness hotel in Southern Styria

Small and beautiful, that is our sauna world. You can book it exclusively for your private utilization day wise.

On 160m² we have built a refuge for your recovery holiday in Radkersburg where you can relax and regain strength.

We have chosen natural materials, such as wood and stone and have created light effects that compliments the comforting vote of colors, materials, smells, sounds and lights, in order to allow full enrollment of the potential power of recovering. The focus is clearly set on the well-being.

Finish Sauna

This classic of our cabins also accommodates up to 12 persons. Through the double-wing outside window the warm sunrays directly fall into the cabin. Another window in the relaxing area provides an all day overview but still maintains your privacy.


Our Bio-Sauna (Sanarium) also has a double-wing outside window and accommodates 12 persons. The Sanarium features light- and aromatherapy, while soft sounds introduce calmness and recovery. Sweating at about 50°C and 50% humidity is pleasant and protects the organism.

Steam Bath

In our steam bath up to 4 persons can keep an overview through the steam… The steam bath was already popular in ancient times. It makes your skin particulary soft and cuddly.

Infrared-heat cabin

Our modern infrared cabin from Physiotherm operates in seclusion and nevertheless leaps in the eye. The radiate infrared warms the body from the inside. Full spectral sunlight or colored light accompanied by soft sounds support the relaxing process. For specific applications like back pain or migraine the cabin offers tested programms which won’t disappoint you.

Calm area with reading lounge

For relaxing, our calm area offers the right environement. Indirect lights in the stone walls and modern LED-reading spots throw the light cone exclusively where you want it, so that the other guests don’t get disturbed in their relaxing.

We activate our saunas between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. In order to save our environment and avoid unnecessary energy consumption, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance if you want to use it. Our sauna world is an area of quietness. Minimum age to use our saunas is 16 years.

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